Tools For Partners

The Child Nutrition Outreach Program wants to do everything we can to help sponsors serve nutritious food to kids over the summer. Check out some of the key ways we can help, below, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions about your program.

SFSP Grants

Project Bread offers grants for Massachusetts sites and sponsors. Use grant funds to become a new sponsor, open a new site, serve healthier meals, and more.

Find Interns

Interns can ease the administrative. food preparation, and monitoring demands SFSP makes of sponsors. Plenty of people are willing to help, and CNOP can connect you.

 SFSP Calculator

Have concerns about your SFSP finances? Our SFSP calculator points the way to sustainablility. Contact CNOP for assistance.

 SFSP Scorecard

See how your community stacks up vs the rest of Massachusetts in terms of SFSP participation numbers.