State Reimbursement

State Universal Breakfast Program (SUBP)

Universal Breakfast (UB) enables schools to offer breakfast to all students at no charge, regardless of household income. Meals served through the UB program are given an additional reimbursement of approximately $0.15 per meal.

Elementary Schools are eligible for the Universal Breakfast Program when they meet these requirements:

(1) Have on file free/reduced applications and/or direct certifications for 60% of school enrollment the previous year.

(2) Be state mandated. A public elementary school mandated by the state to serve breakfast may apply for SUBP funds from ESE at the start of the school year. 


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State Mandated Breakfast

A school is mandated by the state department to provide school breakfast when it meets these two requirements:

(1) For 2 years prior, 40% or more of lunches were served to students eligible for free or reduced meal prices (Federal Severe Need Breakfast).

(2) At least 50 students eligible for free or reduced meal prices on file the previous October.


Eligibility is evaluated annually.