Starting a Program

Here are a few steps to follow once you decide to start a school breakfast program:


1. First, contact the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to notify them that you would like to start a school breakfast program.
2. Next, assess your schools. Determine busing schedules, cafeteria capacity, staffing, and any logistical barriers. This will be critical for picking the best breakfast model for each school.
3. Once you decide how to serve breakfast, you will need to assess whether the program will be financially sustainable. Review the different federal and state reimbursements that your breakfast program will receive. If you are considering serving universal breakfast, check out our breakfast calculator. Remember that high breakfast participation will be critical to the success of the program.
4. Introducing a successful breakfast program requires support from the whole school community. Make sure to involve any stakeholders and encourage them to promote the program.
5. Download school breakfast outreach materials to promote your program, and visit our Resource Sharing Library for materials submitted by your peers.