Popular After the Bell Breakfast Models

Girl eating breakfast in the classroom

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)

Breakfast is served in the classroom, usually during homeroom or first period.

Girl eating breakfast in the school cafeteria

Mandatory Breakfast in the Cafeteria

Students eat their morning meal in the cafeteria once school has begun.

  • To maximize the number of students who participate, the school can make the cafeteria the morning gathering place or only allow students to enter the school building through the door closest to the cafeteria.
  • If the school cafeteria is too small to accommodate all of the students at once, classroom teachers can take their students to the cafeteria at specific intervals during homeroom.
 Girl taking Grab n' Go breakfast

Grab n’ Go

Easy to eat breakfast foods are put in individual bags for students to take as they enter the school building.

  • School sets rules on where breakfasts can actually consumed.  The playground, hallway, cafeteria, and classroom are common options.
  • Breakfast stations can be located at school entrances, courtyards, or high traffic areas.
  • Coolers can also be placed on each level of the school so that students pick up their breakfast on their way to class.