Outreach Tools

SFSP Outreach requires a multi-faceted approach. Pitching to community partners requires painting a clear portrait of summertime hunger. Alerting families means flooding streets, schools, and local businesses with information about meal times and locations. CNOP's outreach tools can help you reach both audiences.

Outreach Ideas

There are many ways to harness your community's SFSP outreach potential. Add programming and hang some banners over Main Street. More ideas here...

Video PSA:

Getting Involved with the Summer Food Service Program

This 3-minute whiteboard video explains that there are (literally) stadiums full of hungry kids in MA over the summer. It also shows partners & volunteers how to help. Request a copy!

SFSP Fact Sheet

Sleek, colorful 1-pager that info-graphs child food insecurity during the summer. Perfect for meetings with community partners. Order

Summer Eats and Texting Services

Learn about some tech-savvy ways for kids to find SFSP sites.