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Conference Call: Cafeteria Managers & Alternative Breakfast

On Wednesday, March 4th from 10-11 AM ET, CNOP will host a call to showcase the wisdom of an often-overlooked, but extremely important group of people in the world of school breakfast: cafeteria managers. Five managers who work within highly successful breakfast programs will share the logistical know-how that translates into high breakfast participation and a quality experience for kids. The...

Breakfast Expansion Grants from ESE: Deadline Extended

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) is offering Breakfast Expansion Grants (Fund Code 550) to schools interested in expanding their school breakfast programs. ESE will award 6 to 10 competitive grants up to $5,000 each and offer free SBP professional development to nutrition staff in awarded schools.

Eligible schools include districts with...

2015 Community Outreach Interns

This year we are welcoming six community outreach interns to our team: Etana Matatia, Sara Hazelnis, Sarah Dingee, Matt Stupak, Tess Gorman, and Kate Mariani. Our Community Outreach Interns will work with the team and Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger team to promote, engage, and increase awareness about federal food assistance programs and the Walk for Hunger. They will be responsible for...

MA Department of Elementary And Secondary Education SFSP Grants

SFSP grants from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) are now available. As in previous years, ESE is offering two different grants: an expansion grant for existing sponsors, and a start-up grant for either first-time sponsors or returning sponsors who will open new sites this year.


Sponsors applying for the...

Bag the Junk's National Schools Contest: "The Smart Snacks Roundup"

Since the new USDA Smart Snacks regulations went into effect on July 1, 2014, fruit, vegetables and whole grains have been added to public school menus across the nation. Bag the Junk’s National Schools Contest, “The Smart Snacks Roundup...