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AASA Alternative Breakfast Grants

The School Superintendents Association (AASA) has announced a grant to support schools who are already working with or would like to transition to alternative breakfast models. AASA will provide technical assistance as well as funding for infrastructure and outreach to grant recipients. To be eligible to receive funds,...

Upcoming Meals Matters Calls

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) has a well-rounded series of Meals Matters calls running through March in April, including sessions on School Breakfast, SFSP, and Afterschool Meals. Dates, times, and a brief description below. Click the links to register.

Summer Meals Matter

Thursday, March 5th, 1PM ET -...

USDA Profiles Southbridge's Cops N Kids

Some SFSPs do such stellar work that they become local forces of change, knitting their communities together. Southbridge's Cops N Kids, a free camp program open to all youth in the town and run by its police officers, is one such program. The USDA recently released an episode of their "Summer Shorts" series profiling Cops N Kids and and the officers who create its magic. Check it out on...

Massachusetts Releases Guidance on BIC & Time on Learning

Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester recently issued a memo clarifying that instruction provided during classroom breakfast can count toward the overall requirement for instructonal time. Commissioner Chester:

“As stated in the regulations, breakfast itself cannot count towards student learning time. However, when instruction is provided during the breakfast...

National School Breakfast Week March 2-6

Next week, March 2nd-6th, is National School Breakfast Week, a time for the whole country to celebrate the merits of a nutritious, healthy breakfast at school. The School Nutrition Association has a toolkit available to help plan a breakfast celebration that makes a splash in your community. The toolkit includes press outreach...