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Chefs in Schools

In the 2015-16 school year, Project Bread is offering districts the opportunity to participate in Project Bread's Chefs in Schools Training Program for school food service staff. Staff learn how to prepare healthy, cost effective recipes that students will eat. Participating districts will receive a chef 1-3 days per week to train cafeteria staff on basic culinary skills, time management,...

Project Produce

The 2015-16 school year is almost here. Will your students be eating more fruits and vegetables than they did last year? You can help bump the intake of healthy food in your district by applying for a Project Produce grant from the Chef Ann Foundation. These $2,500 awards help school districts create...

Harvest of the Month Sign-Up

Registration for Harvest of the Month is now open!


Mass. Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month program promotes a different Massachusetts-grown food each month in school, college, university and hospital cafeterias and dining areas across the state. Our goal is to...

Complete the USDA Farm to School Census

USDA has released their Farm to School Census and they want to hear from all school food authorities in the country. Just 12% of Massachusetts school districts have responded so far. If you have received the questionnaire, help reach the wonderful 77% response rate we achieved in 2013. You have until May 29th to make sure that your voice is heard.

Every other year the USDA conducts a...

USDA Profiles Southbridge's Cops N Kids

Some SFSPs do such stellar work that they become local forces of change, knitting their communities together. Southbridge's Cops N Kids, a free camp program open to all youth in the town and run by its police officers, is one such program. The USDA recently released an episode of their "Summer Shorts" series profiling Cops N Kids and and the officers who create its magic. Check it out on...