Financial Benefits

The Child Nutrition Outreach Program aims to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program statewide.

In October 2013, only 47% of the students in Massachusetts who participated in the National School Lunch Program also participated in the School Breakfast Program. This means that MA schools are leaving a lot of federal reimbursement on the table.

By maximizing participation in their breakfast programs, school nutrition directors are able to receive the greatest amount of federal and state reimbursement and student payments. The additional revenue generated by a thriving breakfast program can offset the cost of kitchen equipment and other fixed expenses. Moreover, as breakfast participation increases, staff are required to prepare more meals per labor hour, thereby decreasing the per breakfast labor cost. As labor costs are second to only food in terms of food service expenditure, this is a significant benefit of high breakfast participation.

School nutrition directors receive several different types of reimbursement that offset the costs of the breakfast program.